Upgrading your pipeline? 5 reasons why you should choose PTFE/PFA lined pipes.

For many pipelines, corrosion has been a big factor in accelerating the need to do maintenance works, especially when the pipes come into contact with highly corrosive substances. When there is a need for the whole process of procuring a quality pipe that can last long, it is also important to ensure that the cost is favourable too. However, here are 5 reasons why you should choose PTFE/PFA lined pipes for your pipeline that’s due for an upgrade:

Reduction in downtime

  • The need to change and upgrade pipelines would result in downtime and a reduction in profits during this period. If your piping system is due for a change, why not upgrade it and choose PTFE/PFA lined pipes instead? The longer shelf life of the lined pipes would not only reduce downtime, but also improve efficiency of the piping system in the long run. 

High Chemical Resistance

  • PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes are highly popular for use when the pipes have to come into contact with highly corrosive chemicals due to its high chemical resistance.

Perfect for the food and beverage industry

  • Other than corrosive chemicals, PTFE/PFA is also popular in the food industry as it is FDA approved. The low friction coefficient of PTFE/PFA lined pipes allow viscous substances to flow through the piping systems smoothly and easily, reducing the probability of any blockage. Additionally, it is popular with breweries as our pharmaceutical grade PTFE/PFA lined pipes are not only clean and hygienic, they do not impart taste or odour, ensuring the purity of beer produced.


  • PTFE/PFA Lined pipes and fittings increases the safety of pipelines, especially in corrosive applications. The double layer of PTFE and steel makes it structurally strong and chemically inert, reducing pipeline corrosion and minimises the possibility of chemicals leaking through the pipes. This greatly improves safety for the whole system and for the staff.