Our Customers

Almarc Engineering manufactures PTFE/PFA Lined Piping Systems that serves a wide range of industries by providing specialized solutions for corrosion problems and high purity applications. Below is a list of non-exhaustive examples of the different industries our customers are from:


Almarc Engineering supplies PTFE/PFA lined pipes to most of the main pharmaceutical companies in Singapore. We have done high purity, large scale projects both in Singapore and overseas. 



In the petrochemical industry, corrosive chemicals are used to process and manufacture chemical products from petroleum. PTFE/PFA lined pipes play a big role in ensuring the longevity and safety of piping systems. 


Chemical Process

Corrosive chemicals may be used to process in the chemical process industry to manufacture different products. To increase the safety of chemical plants and reduce the frequency of repairing corroded piping systems, PTFE/PFA lined pipes should be used. 



The low friction coefficient of PTFE/PFA lined pipes allow viscous substances to flow through the piping systems smoothly and easily, reducing the probability of any blockage.



Brewing beer is a delicate task, and the competitiveness of the industry means the whole brewing process must be top notch. Our pharmaceutical grade PTFE/PFA lined pipes are not only clean and hygienic, they do not impart taste or odour, ensuring the purity of beer produced.


Wastewater Management

Treating of sludge and wastewater requires a piping system lined with non-stick material to ensure a smooth flow. Additionally, the chemicals used to treat wastewater, such as Ferric Chloride, Urea and Phosphoric Acid, are highly corrosive. PTFE/PFA lined pipes are the most suitable in these situations.