ETFE Rotomoulding

Almarc Engineering works closely with European manufacturers to provide ETFE Rotomoulding services to customers in the Asia Region. The Rotomoulding technology allows for seamless lining without any welding joints and is highly suited for odd-sized or customised products.

With a computer-controlled Rotomoulding technology, the entire coating process is monitored continuously and all data documented extensively. This allows for a uniformed coating even for fittings of complex and eccentric shapes, branches and bends. The ETFE coating used is a high performance coating designed to provide high resistance to corrosion. 

Almarc Engineering’s close relationship with European manufacturers allows the delivery of high quality seamless lined products to customers in the Asia Region. Almarc’s in-house design capabilities coupled with Rotomoulding technology allows us to supply a wide variety of customised products to suit any demanding design requirements.

Our Product Range

Customized Rotomoulding

Customized Rotomoulding

Rotolining Spool – Flowmeter