Lined Tanks

Our tank lining technology allows excellent corrosion protection to tanks which store highly corrosive chemicals. By using sheet lining, we ensure that our lined tanks are of the highest quality with a minimum thickness of 3mm to ensure sufficient corrosion protection from chemicals. Almarc Engineering has been providing high quality tank lining services for over 20 years.

By lining the interior of tanks with a thick PTFE liner, we are able to solve most process industries’ corrosion problems and also improve the quality of the piping systems. Additionally, our PTFE lined tanks are suitable for high purity applications, perfect for those that requires high purity pipings such as the pharmaceutical and food industries.

We are also able to rotoline tanks with ETFE, which is also highly corrosion resistant and provides a seamless interior lining. 

Almarc Engineering specialises in customisations, and we are able to manufacture customized lined tanks or vessels tailored to your specifications. Our team of in house design engineers and production staff is dedicated to providing the best possible service and manufactured products for our customers on time.

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