PTFE Lined Pipes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industries in the world, allowing for longer life expectancy and giving humanity a better chance to fight diseases which we once would succumb to. Over centuries, there is a constant emergence of new strains of viruses that threaten humans. Having a solid and stable pharmaceutical industry is crucial in producing effective medication and vaccination to combat these diseases. At Almarc Engineering, we are dedicated to supporting these companies in producing pure and effective drugs.

Previously known as Consys®, Almarc Engineering has over 20 years of experience in producing high quality PTFE/PFA lined pipes suitable for high purity applications. We believe that our PTFE/PFA lined pipes are able to shape and improve manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical industry with greater safety and efficiency. Combining the strength of steel pipes and the chemical resistance of PTFE/PFA, it is perfect for manufacturing high purity corrosive chemicals such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in pharmaceutical plants. The PTFE/PFA liner not only prevents the piping system from corroding and causing safety issues, it also maintains the purity of chemicals flowing through these pipes ensure the quality of the drug produced meets with FDA standards.

PTFE/PFA is FDA approved material and is highly non-stick and easily cleanable. Our PTFE/PFA lined pipes are minimally 2mm thick, and increases in thickness as the size of the pipes increase to ensure a longer lifespan of the lined pipes. The excellent non-stick properties of PTFE/PFA lined pipes also solves process problems with viscous chemicals and reduces the frequency of blockage in piping systems.

At Almarc Engineering, our team of engineers and production staff work closely with our clients to customize PTFE/PFA lined piping systems that is suitable for the intended usage. We supply our PTFE/PFA lined pipes to major pharmaceutical companies in Singapore and overseas.

For more information about PTFE/PFA lined pipes and customizations in the pharmaceutical industry, contact us at or call us at +65 6758 0010.