Solution to Internal Corrosion of Pipeline

In many process industries, planning the perfect process requires the cooperation of numerous important roles, such as project engineers, chemical engineers, procurement, and even the factory staff. There are many potential problems which can be avoided with proper planning, including internal corrosion of pipelines. 

The most common problems of production are namely quality, output, cost and management. At Almarc Engineering, we are able provide solutions to 3 of these problems — Quality, output and cost. The internal corrosion of pipelines may be something that missed by many during the planning stages of building a perfect system. It is something that affects the quality and the output of your product in the long run, and also eventually leading to higher maintenance costs and downtime. Hence, our PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes and Fittings are the best pipes and fittings for an internally corrosion resistant process system, making it more cost efficient in the long run.

Why Almarc Engineering’s PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes and Fittings?

1. Most Chemically Inert Material (Corrosion Resistant)

PTFE (also known as polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFA(perfluoroalkoxy) is the most chemically inert material, making it perfect for applications which deals with highly corrosive chemicals.

2. Thick lining of PTFE and PFA

Our PTFE/PFA lined pipes and fittings are lined with a thick layer of PTFE/PFA, minimally 2mm thick to ensure it has a longer lifespan. It acts as a sturdy, protective layer for the steel pipe and prevents the steel from coming into contact with the corrosive chemical. Spray on PTFE/PFA might be a cheaper option, but there would be an increased need for maintenance cost and downtime. Parts of the pipes might not be fully coated with PTFE/PFA and the corrosive chemical can still come into contact with the outer steel layer of the pipe. 

3. Suitable for high purity applications and FDA approved

Almarc Engineering prioritises the quality of our PTFE/PFA lined pipes and fittings. Our manufacturing facilities was audited and approved for supply to major Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical and Chemical Process Industries for PTFE/PFA lined pipes and fittings, PTFE lined flexible hoses and Customized PFA lined fittings to suit process conditions. Our extensive knowledge and expertise regarding the usage of PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes in process conditions has allowed us to be the main player in both Singapore and Malaysia.

For more information about how our PTFE/PFA Lined Pipes and Fittings are able to solve internal corrosion in your process pipelines, email us at or drop us an enquiry now!